What we do

Carpet Cleaning

Cleanacarpet.com provides the highest quality cleaning services in the North Atlanta metro area. We are committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, and keeping customer satisfaction as our number one priority! We have created hundreds of repeat customers by providing superior carpet cleaning services. If at anytime, you are not satisfied with our services, we will return at no cost to you.

Upholstery Cleaning

To preserve the life of your upholstered furniture, let CleanACarpet.com technicians clean your furniture with products that are customer, family and pet-friendly. CleanACarpet.com technicians can remove deep-seated stains from upholstery in a gentle and safe way that will protect business clients and families alike.

Odor Control

Leveraging the advanced science and technology available in the new generation of cleaning products, CleanACarpet.com Does Not Cover-Up Odors, We Eliminate Them! CleanACarpet.com technicians will introduce you to an odor-free, clean smelling environment that your customers or friends and family will not want to leave.

Moisture Remediation

Fact: 95% of all sinus infections are caused by moisture.
Dampness may promote mold growth hidden inside the walls within the home or in adjacent areas, including basements or crawl spaces. CleanACarpet.com technicians are trained to identify and remediate the moisture issues to make any living space safe from potential harmful health hazards.

3M Scotchgard Protection

Your carpet and furniture are an investment that should last for years. Even though you may have purchased carpet and fabric treated with stain-prevention substances, friction of daily use requires cleaning and re-application of protectant to ensure your investment is maximized while keeping your carpet and fabric surfaces looking clean and fresh.